Customer Service Hours: 8AM - 8PM EST Mon-Fri

What types of shipments do you handle?

We handle general commodities with the exception of hazardous materials. There are some delivery sites we do not accept shipments for such as grocery warehouses, convention centers. Any questions please contact customer service.

Why could there be a variance in published to actual transit times?
We consolidate LTL shipments at a number of locations and when the trailer is at full capacity we move to destination for delivery. While in most lanes we operate daily schedules, there are some lanes that have less volume and may take couple of additional days to fill. As a result published transit times may vary.
How does Clear Lane operate?
Clear Lane Freight Systems has been in business since 2012. As a non-asset based LTL company we have a network of valued pickup and delivery carriers around the country. Shipments are consolidated at several locations and moved by truck or intermodal to destination. In return for a bit longer transit times, we offer shippers greatly lowered costs than a traditional LTL carrier.
How can I check on my shipment?
We update the status of all shipments in transit daily. Click here to check on your shipment.


If you are interested in finding more about the services and pricing Clear Lane has to offer, please contact Sales