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Chicago is the third most populous city in the US with a population of over 2.5 million. It serves as the epicenter of economic activity in the midwestern United States and is located on the shores of Lake Michigan. As a major hub for manufacturing, industry, finance, and technology, it is a key distribution center for many industries and markets. Due to the accessibility to international airports, train infrastructure, and trucking routes, it is a prime location for national businesses participating in LTL freight shipping. With industry leaders in the fields of manufacturing, printing, and publishing, Chicago is an economic powerhouse and the United States’ third largest metropolitan economy. Our partnerships with a vast number of freight shippers in Chicago and the Midwest allow for competitive and affordable rates across the board.

Low cost LTL freight forwarder providing services from Chicago to various parts of the USA. Clear Lane Freight Systems offers the best in freight forwarding services for non-time sensitive shipments.

Our easy to use quote, booking, and tracking system has streamlined countless businesses through over the years we have been in operation. If you are looking for economic and reliable LTL freight shipping from Chicago and the Midwest region, look no further than Clear Lane Freight. We serve the 3PL industry and direct shippers with reliable, accurate, and competitive service. 

When it comes to LTL freight shipping, we know budget is a huge factor – that is why at Clear Lane Freight we are dedicated to offering affordable solutions and competitive rates. Our custom logistics solutions ensure that our shippers can depend on quality service while reducing operating expenses.

Up to date shipment state technology and friendly experienced customer service staff.

Clear Lane Freight Systems is an affiliate of Estes-Express Lines
LTL Freight Shipping Chicago to Washington – 7-9 days
LTL Freight Shipping Chicago to Oregon –7-8 days
LTL Freight Shipping Chicago to California –6-7 days
LTL Freight Shipping Chicago to Texas –8-9 days
LTL Freight Shipping Chicago to New York –4-5 days
LTL Freight Shipping Chicago to Pennsylvania –4-5 days
LTL Freight Shipping Chicago to New Jersey –4-5 days
LTL Freight Shipping Chicago to Arizona – 5-6 days
LTL Freight shipping New York to Nevada –5-6 days


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