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Freight Tracking | How We Build Technology Around Our Customers

June 11, 2020

We Cater To You

Shipment tracking is an integral part of every businesses’ supply chain, and at Clear Lane Freight we understand that reliable service is one of the major drivers of long-term success. That is why we have developed streamlined solutions and a variety of website tools to help keep your business running smoothly. Our primary end goal is competitively priced LTL shipping through strategic long-haul shipping lanes. Based on nearly decade of serving our 3PL customers, we responded to our customers feedback by developing a robust and functional website.  Our website features fast and easy technologies to access shipment updates and information about our services and coverage areas.

Shipment Tracking

Once you have tendered a shipment, you will receive a pro number for monitoring the shipment status, follow the overall progress of the shipment during transit by using our simple to use tracking interface.  The interface also includes a ‘Quick Track’ feature providing concise updates on the status of your shipment. All the aspects of the shipment transit are also tracked by our operations team to ensure timely delivery at destination.

Density Calculator

Our freight class density calculator can quickly tell help you determine freight class based on the weight and dimensions of the items you are shipping by using our online tool. The National Motor Freight Classification® (NMFC®) classifies all types of goods and materials transported by truck in North America. There is a total of 18 different freight classes comprised of numerical scores (density) ranging from 50 – 500. Clear Lane Freight Systems is a member of the NMFTA and complies with all their requirements.

Request Quote 

Using the rate quote function on the Clear Lane Freight Systems website you can receive rate quotes and booking the shipment is just as simple. It is essential to disclose shipment dimensions and weight as well as any additional services needed such as lift gate, request for appointment and residential delivery. This will help us ensure that appropriate equipment is used, and all your requirements will be met.  Clear Lane Freight Systems offers some of the most competitive rates offered in the industry. Our preferred rates combined with the reliability of our process and interface makes LTL shipping a viable solution for almost any industry.

Transit Times Calculator

The transmit times calculator will provide highly accurate estimations based on zip codes and historical transit times. When it comes to LTL shipments, transit times are never a guarantee due to the complexity and logistics behind the scenes. On average, when analyzing our competitors’ transit times, shipments would routinely show up 3-5 days later than published service standards. When you choose to ship with Clear Lane Freight, you can depend on high percentage on-time service and updated delivery information while in transit. 

Gearing our Tech Towards our Customers

Modern technology has begun to replace many day-to-day time-consuming tasks attributed to freight shipping.  The technology is meant to keep the shipper constantly connected to their shipment during the shipment process. Not only will technology be able to improve efficiency, productivity, quality, and lower costs.  Clear Lane Freight Systems with the affiliation with Estes-Express Lines is committed to constantly improve technology tools available to our shippers and increase value to our already affordable pricing and service product.  We encourage you to reach out today if you are interested in learning how we can help your company save money and take advantage of reliable economic LTL solutions.


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