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Press Announcement

September 24, 2021

The logistics division of Estes-Express has assumed the distribution and consolidation operations for Clear Freight Systems in New Jersey and New York City. Estes Logistics recently added capacity  In New Jersey by opening a new state-of-the-art logistics center in North Bergen.

We are excited to have Estes Logistics locations both at origin and destination in the high volume southern California to and from New Jersey/New York City lanes. The benefit is better execution, shipment visibility, and on-time performance.

In the already capacity-constrained transportation market, this change will allow Clear Lane Freight to continue to accelerate its growth. A huge benefit from this strategic move will be improved service in the region.

“We are excited about the changeover to Estes Logistics”, said Ingi Torfason, Chief Operating Officer. “We will be able to take advantage of Estes Logistics large capacity and driver force to offer our customers on time consistent pick-up and delivery service.  Additionally, we will be able to reduce transit times in our lanes in many cases with more timely releases of outbound schedules and unloading of inbound schedules.

Clear Lane Freight has become a leading non-asset-based economy LTL provider for the 3RD party logistics industry and selected shippers. Backed by the resources of Estes-Express, the company provides LTL services for shippers who are not time-sensitive; who are able to exchange slightly longer but consistent transit times for a considerable savings compared to the typical asset based LTL carriers.  By utilizing standard and expedited intermodal services in long haul lanes and over the road services in short haul lanes, the savings are passed on to customers.

With a pickup and delivery network of over 30 high quality agents which includes some of the best regional LTL carriers in the nation, Clear Lane is able to provide a seamless service from pickup to delivery.

The four key indicators of LTL carriers’ performance measures are cost, on-time performance, claim free handling, and billing accuracy. Clear Lane Freight strives for excellence in all these areas.

With the resources of Estes-Express behind Clear Lane Freight, watch for additional service and technology improvements in the near future.


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