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The State of Nationwide Logistics

August 19, 2021

Like so many industries, transportation and logistics have negotiated a chaotic past year. These industries were dealt quite a difficult 2020, with changes to customs and border regulations in addition to the unprecedented impact of COVID-19 on the worldwide economy. Many companies have had to update both their supply chains and logistics strategies to evolve with the changing industry landscape. Looking forward into 2021 there are a number of factors to consider when considering this year’s industry trends.

Trading Partners

Last year started with a trade war between China and the US which disrupted global supply chains for many industries. Compounded on was the COVID-19 pandemic which added to the shift away from China and towards U.S. companies establishing new supply chain partners. Mexico came forward as a favorite for many companies, such as automakers who have turned to Latin America, and more specifically Mexico, for reliable manufacturing and trade. 


As our country’s political atmosphere shifts from a Trump to a Biden administration, many hope to see an increase in government spending and more predictable trade relationships on the international scale. If the Biden administration focuses on middle and lower-class economies, this could also benefit production capabilities domestically and abroad. As we’ve seen, economic stimulus plans have been used during the pandemic as a way to increase individual spending on a national scale. 


Across industries, businesses have become increasingly reliant on technology. This comes as many companies shifted to at-home or distanced work models in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. Technology continues to empower the freight industry by enabling modern, efficient methods for managing cargo and supply chains. 

Supply Chains

Organizations need to develop solid, yet flexible, supply chains. A successful supply chain is contingent on reliable partners. Risk management has received increasing attention as companies adjust to the havoc caused by the coronavirus pandemic on a global scale. In this day and age of expanding global supply chains and networks, efficient, data-driven supply chain planning is more critical than ever before. 

Logistics Strategy

As supply chains are constantly changing and evolving, a company may need to develop a number of logistics strategies for specific product lines, specific countries, and specific customers. The ultimate goal of any logistics strategy is to deliver what customers want, when they want it. A comprehensive logistics strategy should be not just strategic, but consider the structural, functional, and implementable organization levels as well. Examining these four levels of logistics organization will help a company ascertain whether any potential cost benefits can be achieved. The key to both a successful supply chain and an efficient, effective logistics strategy going into 2021 is developing relationships with the right partners along the way. Clear Lane Freight Systems offers economic long haul LTL solution for 3PLs and their customers. In addition to economy LTL, our advantages are multi-fold, including low claims rations, personalized customer service, online tracking, eco-friendly policies, and a friendly, professional team. Our LTL services provide a clear path towards reducing the cost of shipping less time-sensitive shipments. Our reliable, nationwide network of pick-up and delivery partners, combined with an extremely efficient line-haul network, provides the dependable LTL service our clients can count on at a cost they can afford. To find out more about our shipment options, services, and pricing at Clear Lane, contact us here now. Let us help your business grow and succeed in 2021.
The State of Nationwide Logistics
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The State of Nationwide Logistics
In 2020 while many logistics companies suffered Clearlane persevered. In 2021 let us be your strategic nationwide logistics partner with a clear path forward in continuing to serve 3PL's with consistency and reliability.
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