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SGT. Brett D’Alessandro, Backpacks for Life, Inc., Nov. 2017


SGT. Brett D’Alessandro, Backpacks for Life, Inc., Nov. 2017

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Clearlane / November 16, 2018

Backpacks For Life is a 501c3 nonprofit that aims to provide veterans in need with the daily essentials and resources that they cannot provide for themselves.  With each backpack, we hope to give veterans the tools they need for a second chance at life.  Backpacks for Life participates in a handful of Stand Down events throughout each year on the East coast, but this year we were able to expand or presence and help veterans on the West coast in California!  A member of the Stanislaus County Veteran Employment Committee reach out to us in September, wondering how he could get his hands on some of our backpacks.  If it wasn’t for the excellent help and customer service from Clear Lane, we would not have been able to get these Backpacks to California.  Clear Lane’s staff was helpful and got the job done with ease.

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