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About us

Clear Lane Freight Systems,  Eco friendly – Economy long haul LTL solution for 3PL’s and their customers

Clear Lane Freight Systems was founded in 2012 by LTL (less than a truckload) industry veterans Tom Nagel and Ingi Torfason. The goal was to fill a need for economical long haul LTL service.

Ingi and Tom have the unique experience of having worked in both operations, quality and sales management for major carriers for decades. Their insight into the industry, skills learned, and relationships built during their careers laid the foundation for Clear Lane.

The LTL industry has evolved rapidly since being deregulated in 1980.  Clear Lane is ushering in new ways of providing LTL services. When Clear Lane started operations in June of 2012, it was the first LTL provider dedicated exclusively to the 3PL industry.  The business model is simple: utilize technology to build a non asset based network using available capacity of regional LTL partners for reliable pickup and delivery service. Transportation between strategically located hubs is provided by intermodal service, ensuring capacity and price stability. More and more carriers and shippers are converting from over the road to intermodal. In addition to greater capacity and price advantage, intermodal provides a safer and more environmentally friendly method of moving freight in long haul lanes.

In return for slightly longer transit times, Clear Lane is able to provide economy service for shippers that do not require faster transit.

By partnering with some of the largest 3PL’s in the industry and their productive sales organizations, Clear Lane is able to reach large numbers of small to medium size shippers.  Clear Lane relies exclusively on our 3PL partner’s sales force and therefore does not compete with 3PL’s for customers.  Unlike traditional carriers who view customers of 3PL’s as secondary, we are committed to excellence in our relationships with the shippers who contract with 3PL’s.

The 3PL’ s customer base has allowed Clear Lane to quickly build a comprehensive and sizeable long haul LTL network.

The key to Clear Lane’s growth and success has been our staff of dedicated transportation professionals, most with many years of experience with other carriers. They take pride in handling every situation that may come up as an opportunity to go beyond the norm to provide exceptional customer service.

Our future is bright. Backed by an investment from a major asset based LTL carrier, Clear Lane will continue to invest in technology and experienced staff. Clear Lane Freight Systems is well positioned both financially and operationally for further expansion and service improvements.


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