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Dear customer. Outbound freight volume from California is at unprecedented level. This has caused a huge capacity crunch with both intermodal and over the road providers with rates reaching historical levels.  Clear Lane offers economy service at rates considerably lower than asset based LTL carriers. With the increased volume and limited capacity we have been forced to source capacity at much higher costs. As of result of the increased costs, Clear Lane is implementing a "California Capacity Surcharge" of $30.00 per shipment, effective July 31st. This surcharge will be in effect until further notice and will affect shipments originating  in California, Arizona and Nevada. As of result of the capacity crunch shippers can expect delays in transit of shipments originating from the region. We continue closely monitoring COVID-19 updates and news to address questions/concerns and to plan accordingly from a business continuity standpoint. We will keep you updated if there will be any changes to our operational capabilities. SOCIAL DISTANCING ITEM 851 As a result of federal guidelines from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding “Social Distancing” and to protect employees and others from potential exposure to the coronavirus, we have instituted the following guidelines in lieu of a delivery receipt. Drivers will be logging the date and time of the delivery, the place of delivery, the name of the individual who received the shipment (if available). HOLIDAY SCHEDULE: We are closed on New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day (to include July 3rd this year), Labor Day, Thanksgiving (along with the following day), Christmas Eve, and Christmas.


Have a question for customer service? Send an e-mail to Customer Service and we will respond as soon as we have an answer. Have a pickup request? Send your Bill of Lading to Pickup Need a spot quote for a volume shipment of greater than 10ft or greater than 10,000lbs, email Spot Quotes Need a quote for additional cargo insurance? Email Cargo Insurance Would like to set up an account and start shipping with Clear Lane? Email Sales Self-serve on our user-friendly website: receive shipment updates, rate quotes, retrieve documents, use shipping tools. Can’t find what you are looking for? Call us at 317-759-8346, Mon-Fri 8Am-8Pm EST

Our Customers

Thousands across every industry have utilized our long haul Economy service. We consistently provide value by offering a quality service while reducing your shipping costs.

Direct Shippers

To become a customer of Clear Lane, we would like to have some information about your company. Where do you ship? What type of commodities? How many shipments per month? How did you hear about us? Contact information. Please email the information to and an Account Executive will be in touch with you shortly.

3PL Partners

Our Customers are almost exclusively 3rd party logistics companies. If you are a 3PL and are interested in finding out more about the services and pricing Clear Lane offers, please email An Account Executive will contact you shortly to discuss how to set up an account.


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What Our Clients Say About Us

Always nice to work with Clear Lane, they have a smooth process!!! Thanks KB

Kyler B.


Picked up on time, arrived sooner than expected. Overall great experience.

Edward M.


Overall this was a good experience.  I had alot of questions during and not only uship but clear lane was…

Annie, uShip



Jay D, uShip



What types of shipments do you handle?

We handle general commodities with the exception of hazardous materials. There are some delivery sites we do not accept shipments for such as grocery warehouses, convention centers. Any questions please contact customer service.

Why could there be a variance in published to actual transit times?
We consolidate LTL shipments at a number of locations and when the trailer is at full capacity we move to destination for delivery. While in most lanes we operate daily schedules, there are some lanes that have less volume and may take couple of additional days to fill. As a result published transit times may vary.
How does Clear Lane operate?
Clear Lane Freight Systems has been in business since 2012. As a non-asset based LTL company we have a network of valued pickup and delivery carriers around the country. Shipments are consolidated at several locations and moved by truck or intermodal to destination. In return for a bit longer transit times, we offer shippers greatly lowered costs than a traditional LTL carrier.
How can I check on my shipment?
We update the status of all shipments in transit daily. Click here to check on your shipment.
Can you deliver to Amazon?

Yes, we deliver to Amazon Distribution Centers in most major metro markets such as California, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, NYC/NJ to name a few. Additional charges do apply. Please email customer service for additional information.


If you are interested in finding more about the services and pricing Clear Lane has to offer, please contact Sales